Characterized by ongoing losses and little or no revenue, early stage high technology, Internet, and life sciences companies inherently require sophisticated and unique approaches to determining their value.

Through proprietary research and substantial hands-on experience with early stage companies, HVA specializes in creative approaches to valuing companies involved in the Internet, software development, electronics, semiconductor, communications, life sciences and medical devices industries.

HVA's work with early stage companies often culminates in an independent fairness opinion or fair market value opinion. However, much of HVA's work with early stage companies is more advisory in nature and does not necessarily result in an independent opinion. HVA advises companies in their negotiations with venture capital investors regarding pricing and securities design. Conversely, potential investors utilize HVA to perform due diligence and valuation consulting when evaluating an investment in a development stage company or technology.

The foundation of HVA's core competency in valuing high technology and life sciences companies is its proprietary research and studies. These studies give insights into specific factors - stage of product development, industry niche served, current round of financing, and various financial and other quantitative metrics that drive the value of development stage companies.