Members of the professional staff welcome the opportunity to meet with potential clients and their advisors to discuss financial advisory engagements.

During this discussion, HVA will ascertain the scope of the financial advisory services to be performed and provide a fee quote and an estimated time frame for completion of the project. While most financial advisory engagements can be structured on a fixed fee basis, billing based on standard hourly rates will be used when the full scope of the engagement is not determinable at the outset.

HVA will prepare an engagement letter setting forth the parties' understanding regarding the analysis to be performed, purpose, fees and timing, and form of documentation required. HVA's formal engagement begins with its receipt of an executed engagement letter and retainer deposit.

At the outset of its engagement, HVA will provide the client with a preliminary list of information requirements. HVA will conduct on-site due diligence, including interviews with management and a tour of the facilities. During the remainder of the project, the HVA valuation team will be in close contact with the client.

Upon completion of its analysis, HVA will report its findings through any of a variety of mediums, written reports, opinion letters, formal or informal presentations. The client is given the opportunity to provide feedback and clarify any factual issues during the finalization of the project.

The valuation team is always available to defend its work should this become necessary. Our staff has significant experience in being deposed, negotiating with the IRS or SEC, as well as testifying in front of various state and federal courts.