The strength of HVA is the expertise and reputation of its professionals.

The attributes common to all of the senior professional staff are a strong background in finance, an entrepreneurial emphasis, and substantial hands on experience managing valuation advisory engagements. Our senior members are Chartered Financial Analysts, Certified Public Accountants, and Accredited Senior Appraisers with the American Society of Appraisers that have an average of almost twenty years of experience in business valuation.

Richard Houlihan, CPA, ASA Los Angeles
Allan L. R. Lannom, FASA - DECEASED Chicago
William E. Unger, M.B.A. Chicago
Marilynn Carr, ASA Denver
Charlotte Bell-Cosgrove, CPA, CFE Indianapolis
Ryan M. Brewer, CHMM Indianapolis
Joseph Holmes Dague, CFA, CAIA Indianapolis
Kathy H. Hensley, CPA/ABV Indianapolis
John J. Kotlarczyk, CPA, ABV Indianapolis
Penny C. Lutocka, CPA/ABV, CFP, CFE Indianapolis
Noreen R. Manella, ASA Indianapolis
Robin Pebworth, PHD Indianapolis
Robert C. Schlegel, ASA, MCBA Indianapolis
Stephen J. Nicolatus, ASA Las Vegas
Alan A. Ehrlich, Sr. Consultant Maryland
Rick Miranda, ASA Salt Lake City
Alan A. Ehrlich Washington, DC
Joseph A Guirreri, PMP, ITIL Washington, DC
Matthew B. McKelvey, M.B.A. Washington, DC
Felicity A. Williams, J.D. Washington, DC