Washington, DC Office
Joseph A Guirreri, PMP, ITIL
Senior Consultant

Joseph A Guirreri, PMP, ITIL …is senior consultant in the Washington, DC office of Houlihan Valuation Advisors. Mr. Guirreri has been a leader in information technology and cyber security for over 30 years. His primary focus has been managing major systems and facilities throughout the system lifecycle. He also consults on helping clients with major technology and organizational transitions.

Mr. Guirreri was previously a vice-president for a major computer software manufacturer and distributor. He has been a manager and leader for a US communications system that spanned all of US interests and countries in NATO. He was responsible for all of the computer and communications systems to support over 40,000 people and more than $40 billion in assets. More recently he managed and coordinated emergency communications for the US Federal government which supported all Federal Departments and Agencies during major disasters and contingencies. The balance of his career has been in the improvement of existing systems and implementation of new technologies. He has specialized in cyber security for the last 20 years, creating specialized labs for evaluating security hardware and software, forensic analysis, and managing the training of analysts, inspectors, and security agents.

He has spoken to various groups including the Armed Forces Communications Association (AFCEA), 5 TechAmerica Foundation Vision Conferences, IAC Executive Leadership Forum, ATCA Conference, E-Government Conference, DOE AITC Training Conference and an ICNS Conference.

One engagement that used his multifaceted skills involved his advice and consultation to the US Air Force on the capital replacement of all base level Air Force mainframe computers. The consultancy involved coordinating the technical recommendations and input of more than 40 experts. More recently he served on an OMB FISMA Task Force that recommended security metrics to be used in every Federal government organization. Those recommendations have been implemented across the Federal government. Mr. Guirreri was the only non-government member of this high level task force. His client base includes government contractors, policy enterprises, hi-tech manufacturing / consulting / design companies and other companies world-wide.

Mr. Guirreri is a member of the Armed Forces Communications Association (AFCEA), AFC4A, and PMI Association and has served for 7 years as a Federally appointed member of the Department of Commerce (NIST) Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board (ISPAB). Previously, he was a member of the MORS Board of Directors. Mr. Guirreri graduated from DePauw University with a BA in theoretical mathematics and from the University of Missouri with an MA also in theoretical mathematics. He is a Senior Executive Fellow of the JFK School of Government, Harvard University.



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