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Houlihan Valuation Advisors is a national firm focusing on business valuation and related financial advisory services.

Since 1986, HVA has been called upon to provide independent valuation expertise in thousands of transactions for clients in virtually every industry. At the foundation of the firm's varied advisory services is a core understanding of how businesses are valued in the market and the ability to communicate that knowledge in a compelling, well-documented analysis.

In all of its engagements, HVA employs extensive due diligence, rigorous analysis and creative application of established valuation approaches to provide financial opinions that will withstand the scrutiny of investors, fiduciaries, regulatory agencies and triers of fact. In addition, we seek to add value by helping clients structure transactions that maximize their financial objectives.


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"Our professionals' innovative approach to valuation has established us as one of the leading names in the industry."

- Richard Houlihan,

"Today more than ever, independence is crucial in providing sound, reliable and supportable financial opinions."

- Al Lannom,